Differences in intimate partner homicides perpetrated by men and women : evidence from a Norwegian National 22-year cohort

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Psychology, Crime and Law, 2018
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Most of our knowledge about intimate partner homicide (IPH) is based on studies of men, as they outnumber women as perpetrators. From a total cohort of IPHs in Norway from 1990 to 2012 (N = 177), we investigated differences between male (n = 157) and female (n = 20) perpetrators in terms of (a) IPH characteristics and sentencing issues, (b) sociodemographic, contextual and clinical factors, and (c) previous intimate partner violence. Multivariate logistic regression analyses indicated that, in comparison to male perpetrators, female perpetrators were more often in intimate partnerships without mutual children, had a greater number of accumulated welfare deficiencies, and tended to be ascribed different motives (fear and revenge) for their crimes. Keywords: intimate partner homicide, gender differences, risk assessment, female perpetrators, intimate partner violence