Testing the Static-99R as a Global Screen for Risk of Sex Crime Recidivism in a Norwegian Routine Sample

Ingeborg Jenssen Sandbukt, Torbjørn Skardhamar, Ragnar Kristoffersen, Christine Friestad

Vitenskapelig artikkel
Sexual abuse. A Journal of Research and Treatment, 2020
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The Static-99R has been recommended for use as a first global screen for sorting out sex-convicted persons who are in need of further risk assessment. This study investigated the Static-99R’s predictive validity based on a non-selected Norwegian sample (n=858) of persons released from prison after having served a sex crime sentence. After a mean observation period of 2183 days, 3.4% (n=29) had recidivated to a new sex offence. A higher number of recidivists were found among those with higher Static-99R total scores. The predictive contribution from each of the ten Static-99R risk items was investigated using standard logistic regression, proportional hazard regression, and random forest classification algorithm. The overall results indicate that the Static-99R is relevant as a risk screen in a Norwegian context, providing similar results concerning predictive accuracy as previous studies.