Early Recognition Method – amplifying relapse management in community mental health care : a comprehensive study of the effects on relapse and readmission

Kirsten Kjær Johansen, Lise Hounsgaard, Jens Peter Hansen, Frans A. J. Fluttert

Vitenskapelig artikkel
Archives of Psychiatric Nursing, 2021
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This naturalistic multicenter study explored the relationship between participating in the Early Recognition Method (ERM) intervention and relapse, defined as spending at least one night at a psychiatric ward. The intervention was tailored to adult patients with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder in an outpatient mental health care setting.

Before the intervention, the staff received training in application of the strategy. The ERM strategy is protocolized and includes identification and monitoring of individual early warning signs and development of a personal plan of action. The study showed a reduction in mean number and duration of readmissions during the period the patients participated in the intervention, compared to an equal pre-intervention period. For patients with bipolar disorder the reduction was statistical significant. The difference in outcome between the two diagnostic groups suggest that further tailoring of the application of the ERM strategy might improve the relapse prevention outcome.
Keywords: relapse prevention, community mental health care, early recognition method, risk management strategy, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder