Attachment characteristics among women victimized in no, one, and multiple IPV relationships : a case–control study

Elisabeth Christie Ørke, Stål Bjørkly, Mariana Dufort, Solveig Karin Bø Vatnar

Vitenskapelig artikkel
Violence against Women, 2021
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This cross-sectional study compared attachment characteristics among women victimized by intimate partner violence (IPV) in no, one, and multiple relationships (N = 154). Results indicated that compared with the nonvictimized, victimized women had increased likelihood of higher attachment avoidance. Compared with women victimized in one relationship, women victimized in multiple relationships had higher likelihood of higher attachment anxiety scores. Adjusting for childhood adversities, childhood sexual abuse was an independent risk factor for IPV. Childhood emotional abuse mediated the association between attachment anxiety and IPV victimization in multiple relationships in particular. Attachment theory appeared useful for better understanding women’s vulnerability for multiple violent relationships.
Keywords: intimate partner violence (IPV), multiple partners (MP), attachment, childhood emotional abuse