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Alliance for International Risk Research

Kan et tastetrykk gi gratis månedlig oppdatering innenfor voldrisikovurdering? Ja, det kan det. Alliance for International Risk Research (AIRR) har en varslingstjeneste for oppdatert fagutvikling innenfor voldsrisikovurdering

Hvis du er interessert i å holde deg oppdatert innen voldsrisikovurdering, så kan du nå få automatisk varsel om nye artikler fra 80 internasjonale tidsskrift.

Hvis du nylig har publisert et arbeid på norsk, så kan du også legge inn engelsk tittel til orientering for andre medlemmer i varslingstjenesten.

Det er Kevin Douglas og Jay Singh som har tatt initiativet til denne tjenesten som de kaller Alliance for International Risk Research (AIRR).  Douglas har en bistilling ved Kompetansesenteret i Oslo og Singh det samme ved Høgskolen i Molde.

Under er gjengitt informasjon på engelsk av Kevin og Jay på hvordan du kan benytte deg av tjenesten:


Dear Colleagues,

Given the large forensic risk assessment literature in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, nursing, criminology, juvenile justice, and others, it can be difficult to stay abreast of the latest research developments. And with busy work schedules, reading through numerous e-mail alerts each week to find the newest publications relating to violence, sex offender, and general offending risk assessment can be an inconvenient task.

What if, on the first day of each month, you could receive a single e-mail containing references to all those articles related to forensic risk assessment that were published in the previous month in over 80 scholarly journals? No solicitations, no survey participation requests, no conference announcements – simply the latest risk-related research at your fingertips.

The newly founded Alliance for International Risk Research (AIRR) offers just such a complimentary service for clinicians, policymakers, and researchers interested in the field of risk assessment. In addition to listing risk-relevant articles appearing in over 80 journals in the English language, the AIRR will also benefit authors of non-English publications. If you publish a piece not in English, simply send an electronic copy or link to our international coordinator (, and the AIRR will highlight and assist in disseminating your piece to readers around the globe.

The aim of the AIRR is to promote the implementation of the latest evidence-based practices in mental health and criminal justice systems, to provide a manageable resource for interested legal professionals and policymakers, and to assist researchers in staying up-to-date on the latest trends in the risk assessment literature.

Please do assist us in this endeavor by alerting your colleagues and local services of this new initiative – we would be very grateful for your assistance in dissemination. As part of this, we have put together some simple slides should you be interested in directing people to the AIRR at workshops (please see attached).

To sign up for this complimentary service, simply provide your e-mail contact information through the following link

Best wishes,

Jay P. Singh, PhD
Psychiatric/Psychological Service
Criminal Justice System
Canton of Zürich, Switzerland

Kevin Douglas, LL.B., PhD
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, Canada

AIRR Student Editorial Board:
Suzanne Yang, MD – Student Editor Supervisor Cristina Hurducas, BSc – Student Editor Kiersten Johnson, BSc – Student Editor Christie Leung, BSc – Student Editor Kat Witt, BSc – Student Editor Catherine Shaffer, BA – International Student Editor

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