Publisert 9. desember, 2015

15th International Conference on the Care and Treatment of Offenders

Call for papers and workshops

Dear colleague,

You are invited to submit papers and workshops for the 15th International Conference on the Care and Treatment of Offenders with an Intellectual or Developmental Disability.

The submissions can be from any discipline or perspective relevant to the management or care of learning disabled offenders, or those requiring similar services. Proposals by practitioners, service users, decision and policy makers, as well as by academics, students, researchers and advocates are welcomed.

Topics which will be considered

The organisers will look at papers relating to: 

  • models of care for effective interventions (clinical interventions) 
  • research programmes and results 
  • policy development 
  • education and training 
  • organisational issues 
  • personality disorder 
  • advocacy and user issues 
  • minority issues 
  • women’s issues 
  • dual diagnosis 
  • substance abuse 
  • transcultural issues 
  • autism spectrum disorders including Asperger syndrome 
  • offending focused interventions

Please limit your abstracts to a maximum of 500 words and submit them using the abstract submission form. Make sure youread the submission guidelinesbefore doing this.The deadline for the submission of papers is Sunday 31 January 2016.

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