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11th European Congress on Violence in Clinical Psychiatry

“Unravelling and understanding violence in clinical practice»

The 11th European Congress on Violence in Clinical Psychiatry is co-organized by the European Violence in Psychiatry Research Group (EViPRG) and the European Network for Training in the Management of Aggression (ENTMA08), and will be a World Psychiatric Association (WPA) co-sponsored meeting. The 11th European Congress on Violence will focus strongly on clinically relevant and practically useful interdisciplinary scientific and practical knowledge with regard to interventions aimed at treating and reducing violence and aggression.

The broad multi- and interdisciplinary scope of the European Congress on Violence in Clinical Psychiatry is expressed in the various subthemes that will be addressed in Oslo / Lillestrøm in 2019:

1.Epidemiology and nature of inpatient violence against staff
2.Epidemiology and nature of violence against patients / patients as victims
3.PTSD & violence prevention and treatment
4.Trauma informed care & practice
5.Assessment of risk, prevention & protective factors
6.Humane safe & caring approaches in and reduction of restrictive practices
7.Neurobiological approaches and pharmacological therapies
8.Psychological approaches & interventions
9.Service users & family perspectives
10.Race, gender, cross-cultural & ethnicity perspectives
11.Ethical, human rights and legal perspectives
12.Sexual offending violence 13.Specific populations: forensics
14.Specific populations: intellectually disabled / learning disabilities
15.Specific populations: child & adolescent
16.Specific populations: elderly / dementia
17.Specific populations: community & ambulant care
18.Training and education of (interdisciplinary) staff
19.Application of new technology (media – social networks – information technology – e-learning – virtual environment)
20.ENTMA08 presentations / contributions

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