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Validation and adaptation of the Norwegian version of Hayes Ability Screening Index for intellectual diffi culties in a psychiatric sample

Nordic Journal of Psychiatry. VOL 65·NO 1, 47-51 | 2011


Background: Intellectual disabilities (ID) among psychiatric patients have traditionally been
neglected. A lack of convenient instruments and competency in ID may have worsened the
conditions and treatment availability for these patients. Aims: Validation and adaptation of a
screening instrument for ID (Hayes Ability Screening Index; HASI) in a psychiatric hospital
setting. Methods: This is a cross-sectional study of 50 psychiatric patients in two Norwegian
psychiatric hospitals comparing results of the HASI with the Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of
Intelligence (WASI). Results: The HASI correlated well with the standard IQ test used ( r  0.67,
P  0.001). At a stated cut-off score of 85, the HASI had a sensitivity of 100% and specifi city
of 34%. Conclusions: The HASI is a valid and time-saving screening instrument for ID among
psychiatric patients. The prescribed cut-off score, however, resulted in a large number of false