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The relationship between attachment, personality and antisocial tendencies in a prison sample: a pilot study.

Scandinavian Journal of Psychophysiology. Volume 52, pages 268–276 | 2011


This study examined the role of adult attachment and personality in relation to antisocial tendencies (i.e. convictions for violence and interpersonal problems
in romantic relationships) in Norwegian prison inmates (N = 92). Attachment styles and personality were measured using self-report questionnaires
(RSQ; Griffin & Bartholomew, 1994; and NEO-FFI, Costa & McCrae, 1992a). The prison inmates scored higher on avoidant than on anxious attachment
style. While age and agreeableness (negatively associated) emerged as significant predictors of violence, anxious attachment explained most of the variances
in aggression in intimate relationships. The study suggests that different types of antisocial tendencies could have different attachment and general
personality correlates.