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Erik Søndenaa Kirsten Rasmussen Christian Lauvrud

Prevalence of intellectual disabilities in Norway: Domestic variance

Journal of Intellectual Disability Research. Volum 54:2:161-167 | 2010


Background Based on national registers, the prevalence
of intellectual disability (ID) in Norway is
estimated to be 0.44 per 100 inhabitants.This study
aimed to examine geographic and urban–rural differences
in the prevalence of ID in Norway.
Methods A survey based on the national register.
Financial transfers intended to provide equal services
to people with ID are based on these reports.
Results A higher prevalence was found in the
North region of Norway. A negative correlation
between the population density and the prevalence
of ID was also found.
Conclusion There was considerable geographic and
urban–rural differences in the prevalence of ID,
which may be attributable to not only the large
diversity of services, but also some other factors.
The results were discussed with respect to the deinstitutionalisation
progress, resource-intensive services
and costs. Differences also reflect some
problems in diagnosing ID in people having mild