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Jesper Bak Vibeke Zoffmann Dorte Maria Sestoft Roger Almvik Mette Brandt-Christensen

Mechanical Restraint in Psychiatry: Preventive Factors in Theory and Practice. A Danish–Norwegian Association Study

Perspectives in Psychiatric Care. | 2013


Purpose:To examine how potential mechanical restraint preventive factors in hospitals are associated with the frequency of mechanical restraint episodes.

Design and Methods: This study employed a retrospective association design, and linear regression was used to assess the associations.

Findings: Three mechanical restraint preventive factors were significantly associated with low rates of mechanical restraint use: mandatory review (exp = .36, p < .01), patient involvement (exp = .42, p < .01), and no crowding (exp = .54, p < .01).

Practice Implications:None of the three mechanical restraint preventive factors presented any adverse effects; therefore, units should seriously consider implementing these measures.