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Forensic psychiatric screening reports – an update

The Journal of Forensic Psychiatry & Psychology. Vol. 22, No. 2, s. 278–282 | 2011


In 2007 we published a study of the prosecution authorities’ responses to
the recommendations of 419 forensic psychiatric screening (short/minor)
reports with focus on whether full reports ought to be issued or not. We
found that among the 118 screening reports recommending a full report,
59 (50%) was followed by the authorities. Nonrecommendation for a
full report was followed in 98% of the cases. Since the prosecution
authorities dismissed half of the positive recommendations, we
questioned the value and the validity of such reports. Our conclusions,
however, did not include the 32 cases that had not been finalized at the
time of the study. Including these cases in the current report, we found
that among the 118 positive recommendations to instigate a full report,
81 (69%) were followed by the authorities. We therefore modify our
conclusion in the way that screening reports apparently are valid and
fulfill their purpose.