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Maria Knutzen Steinar Lorentzen Stål Bjørkly Nina Helen Mjøsund Gunnar Eidhammer Stein Opjordsmoen Leiv Sandvik Svein Friis

Characteristics of patients frequently subjected to pharmacological and mechanical restriant - A register study in three Norwegian acute psychiatric wards

Psychiatry Research. | 2013


This retrospective study from three catchment-area-based acute wards showed that of all the pharmacologically and mechanically restrained patients (n=373) 34 (9.1%) had been frequently restrained (6 or more times). These patients accounted for 39.2% of all the episodes during the two-year study period.Adjusted binary logistic regression analyses showed that the odds for being frequently restrained were 91% lower among patients above 50 years compared to those aged 18-29 years; a threefold increase (OR=3.1) for those admitted 3 times of more compared to patients with only one stay; and, finally, a threefold increase (OR 3.1) if the length of stay was 16 days or more compared to those admitted for 0-4 days. Among frequently restrained patients, males (n=15) had significantly longer stays than women (n=19), and 8 of the females had a diagnosis of personality disorder, compared to none among males.Our study showed that being frequently restrained was associated with long inpatient stay, many admissions and young age. Teasing out patient characteristics associated with the risk of being frequently restrained may contribute to reduce use of restriant by developing alternative interventions for these patients.