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Association between patients’ gender, age and immigrant background and use of restraint - a two-year retrospective study at a Department of emergency psychiatry

Nordic Journal of Psychiatry. Volum 61: p. 201-206 | 2007


This study aimed to determine rates and types of patient restraint, and their relationship to age, gender and immigrant background. The study retrospectively examined routinely collected data and data from restraint protocols in a department of acute psychiatry over a 2-year period. Each patient is only counted once in this period,controlling for readmission. Of 960 admitted patients, 14% were exposed to the use of restraints. The rate was significantly higher among patient with immigrant background,especially in the younger age groups. Most commonly used were mechanical restraint alone for native-born patients and a combination of mechanical and pharmacological restraints for patients with immigrant background.The use of restraint decreased when patients reached 60 years.bith patients' age and immigrant background seem to have an impact on the use of restraint.