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POND SiZdrav

Recognizing and treating victims of domestic violence in health care settings: Guidelines and training for health professionals (POND SiZdrav)

Sist oppdatert den 13. October 2016

The project’s primary aim is to contribute to the general objective “Reducing inequalities between user groups”.

The following objectives were set in the original application:

  • Implementation of the Family Violence Prevention Act in the health sector
  • Forming professional guidelines providing an obliging act in recognising and treating victims of domestic violence within the health sector at a system level
  • Increasing competencies of health workers to recognise and treat victims of domestic violence and to work with vulnerable groups
  • Establishing inter-sectoral treatment of victims and perpetrators of domestic violence comparable to international practices in this area.


The Norwegian partner’s contribution: To report on responding to domestic violence in the health sector in Norway (good practices) by answering the following questions:

  • How and since when is domestic violence regulated within Norwegian legislation and which actors are involved in the procedure and at which stages; an example of good practice in Norway
  • What kind of procedures are taking place when health professionals are facing with the victims of domestic violence
  • What kind of special protocols are envisaged (cross sectional cooperation)
  • What kind of care pathways are foreseen for patient, a (potential) victim of domestic violence within different health care settings (family medicine, surgery, pediatrics, gynecology, community nursing service)
  • Recognizing and treating perpetrators of violence in close relationships
  • Special approaches to victims, arising from vulnerable groups


  • Project duration: 15 months
  • Start date: February 12th 2015
  • End date: April 30th 2016